Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • The invention of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride in the 19th century introduced dramatic changes in the face of manufacturing and construction industry. uPVC is a German invention, which assures sturdy and superior quality. It's particularly ideal for double glazed windows and doors because it's low-cost and low-maintenance. It’s turn into windows, Sliding windows and doors, Lift & Slide doors, Sliding Folding doors and Tilt & Slide Doors. Today, an ‘unplasticised’ form of PVC, also known as uPVC, is used to build high-quality, durable windows and doors that offer a tough competition to traditional material like wood.

  • uPVC Profiles as follow below: 60mm casement window series 60mm casement door series 60mm sliding series 88mm sliding series 108mm sliding series

  • Aluminium sections are thinner than uPVC and have a higher ratio of glass. Aluminium windows are resistant to rust, are weatherproof and do not swell or crack when exposed to heat.

  • Why not? We can be explained like: Low maintenance & Durability, Thermal Insulation, Fire retardant and Eco-friendly with Being 100% lead free thus promote sustainable environment.

  • Nevertheless, uPVC windows and doors are completely resistant to strong tropical rains. The latest technology used by Encraft complying Waterproof Standards as a shield of protection (waterproof) during monsoons

  • Arcus windows are designed with special noise-resistant properties which reduce the noise up to 30-60 dB. This double -seal system allows acoustic control requirements in your home and keeps the noise outside.

  • Fire tests have shown that uPVC is naturally flame retardant and will not cause, support or encourage the development of fire. This means that when you install uPVC windows in your homes or office, you can rest assured that your uPVC windows will not accelerate the spread of flames in the event of a fire mishap.

  • Before uPVC there was timber, and after uPVC came aluminium, but despite existing in this unique middle-ground, uPVC can sometimes make the most sense compared to aluminium. More affordable, equally as durable, and long-lasting, uPVC windows and doors still have plenty to offer the modern homeowner even though it isn’t the latest material in the industry.

  • uPVC is so configurable and flexible, that it doesn’t matter what style or age property you live in, they can be tailored to suit.

  • Raw material used in the manufacturing of profile are very standard ingredients but the major question arises is the quality of grade, supplier specification, percentage of ingredients making it into a quality products. Reputed hardware items also play a key role in the functioning of a window and door. Arcus solution have wide range of window and door systems for all kind of residential, commercial, hospitals, offices, and factories etc.