We offer you second most energy efficient type of window that is Casement Windows. Arcus Solutionhave specially designed windows to suit the Indian weather conditions. Casement windows are systematically designed and standardized.

Casement Windows Features

Series 60mm

  • Recommended for commercial, residential apartments and villas with small width openings.
  • Minimum window seal 80mm and fits glass upto 30mm.
  • Structural design considered for friction as well as 2D hinges.
  • Used for combination louvers and fix window frames.
  • Glass with integrated blinds can be installed in window frame.
  • Available colors are white, walnut, golden oak and grey
  • Compatible with openable sash 75mm
  • Lock available as single or multilocking system.
  • Special integrated grill and bug mesh available with 61 mm screen sash