A common requirement in residential, commercial office and retail places is the installation of partitions and false ceilings. Arcus Solution team will assist you with suitable solutions when it comes to installing wall partitions and ceilings. We can also help to repair damaged areas and remove old partitions and ceilings. Partition walls are generally used to make separate rooms or create a divide in a room. Sliding partitions are a great way of providing a temporary partition wall, which can be closed and opened to reduce or enlarge the size of a room as required.


  • Multiwalled panels of 20 x 155 x 1.2 mm and 355 x 20 x 1.2 mm fixed with hidden screwing method.
  • Interlocked with tongue and groove system.
  • Highly recommended for partition and ceiling in offices and factories.
  • Cost-saving, easy and less time consuming installation process
  • uPVC windows and doors can be integrated based on the design.
  • White, brown and grey are the available colors ( other colors can also be made available)
  • Chemical and fire retardant properties make this product highly recommendable for use in pharma, food and other allied industries.
  • 100% termite free and weather resistant.
  • No expansion or contraction due to weather changes or moisture.